About the UCLA Environment & Sustainability Task Force

UCLA Task Force for Environment and Sustainability members were nominated by deans, colleagues or were selected for their individual expertise in, or experience with, a given subject. The final composition was chosen by Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Waugh.

Task Force Members were as follows:

    Joel Aberbach, Professor, Political Science
    Daniel Blumstein, Professor and Chair, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
    Timothy Brewer, Vice-Provost for Interdisciplinary and Cross-Campus Affairs (chair)
    Magali Delmas, Professor, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
    Allison Diamant, Associate Professor, Medicine
    Curtis Eckert, Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
    Mark Gold, Acting Director, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
    Ursula Heise, Professor, English and Institute of the Environment and Sustainability
    Jennifer Jay, Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Scott Kringen, Program Manager, Interdisciplinary and Cross-Campus Affairs
    Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, Professor, Urban Planning
    Peter Nabokov, Professor, World Arts & Culture/Dance
    David Neelin, Professor, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
    Chon Noriega, Professor, Theater, Film and Television
    Edward Parson, Professor, School of Law
    Marilyn Raphael, Professor, Geography
    William Sandoval, Associate Professor, Education