FSPH Public Health Grand Rounds: "Survivors Story: Dual Citizenship at the Ebola Bedside"

Please join us for the next FSPH Public Health Grand Rounds on Tuesday, May 1: "Survivor's Story: Dual Citizenship at the Ebola Bedside"

Dr. Ian Crozier
Ian Crozier is a Vanderbilt trained infectious diseases specialist originally from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. After years of training African Doctors at the infectious Diseases Institute (Kampala, Uganda), he was deployed by the World Health Organization in August 2014 to an Ebola
[virus disease] treatment unit in eastern Sierra Leone, a ground zero setting for the Sierra Leone outbreak. Shortly after his own infection, he was evacuated to Emory University Hospital, becoming critically ill, but emerging after a 6-week hospitalization for severe EVD with multi-system organ failure. His current position at the BSL-4 Integrated Research Facility (NIAID/NIH) bridges human clinical bedsides and animal models of filoviral and other emerging high-threat pathogen infections. He provides a unique and bilingual perspective from a dual citizenship as Ebola virus clinician scientist and Ebola virus survivor.

Start date: 
Tuesday, May 1, 2018 - 12:00 to 13:00
Event location: 
CHS 33-105