A Performance and Conversation with Merlinda Bobis

Through performance and conversation with Distinguished Professor Sherene Razack, award-winning poet, novelist and dramatist Merlinda Bobis reflects on Philippine indigenous values of kinship and the intertwined journey of writer-and-characters in her novels Locust Girl. A Lovesong (2016 Christina Stead Prize for Fiction) and Fish-Hair Woman (2014 Philippine National Book Award), and in her new poetry book Accidents of Composition (Spinifex 2017).

Merlinda responds to the growing climate of conflict in our compromised planet. She hopes that in the border, there could be accidents of kindness.

For those walking to the border for dear life,
and for those seeking a place of kinship in resistance
Please have no fear and
Take this offered hand
Your thirst, your thirst
Is my only affliction
—Locust Girl. A Lovesong

Start date: 
Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 16:00 to 18:00
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Humanities 193
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