Symposia, Workshop, and Planning Meeting Funding Competition

The Office of Interdisciplinary & Cross Campus Affairs (ICCA) is pleased to announce a funding opportunity for workshops, planning meetings, or symposia designed to advance interdisciplinary and cross campus education, research, or service at UCLA.


Open to all regular UCLA faculty members. Proposals must include collaborations of faculty from at least two separate schools to be considered for funding. Proposals for workshop(s) or symposia must stipulate that the event will be advertised and open to the public. Planning meeting proposals must include a clear template for developing a new interdisciplinary or cross-campus activity, course, or program. Priority will be given to collaborative events that engage a diverse range of faculty and/or students across schools. Priority will also be given to new collaborations and those which significantly advance previous collaborations.


Workshops, planning meetings, or symposia must be conducted within one calendar year of award announcement.


Applications are due Sunday April 7, 2019.


Award announcements will be made as soon as possible, but no later than May 10, 2019.


Proposals should be submitted using the application form below and should consist of a narrative (less than 500 words) describing the purpose and expected objectives of the proposed event(s) including the target audience. In addition, each proposal must list the involved faculty, their school affiliation and their role/contribution to the event. Each proposal must be accompanied by a budget including any additional sources of funding as well as a budget justification (less than 250 words).


Proposals may be funded in whole or in part at the discretion of the Review Committee, although no single award will exceed $5,000 for proposals involving workshop or seminar series or $2,500 for proposals for a single workshop/seminar/planning event.

Application Process

Please access the following link: ICCA Symposia Funding Application Form.

We are currently experiencing some issues with our website. If you are having problems accessing the application form, please email Laurel Grzesik directly to request a copy:

Please direct any questions to Laurel Grzesik, Program Communications Officer, Interdisciplinary & Cross Campus Affairs:

In keeping with its mission, core values, and collegial spirit, the Office of Interdisciplinary & Cross Campus Affairs welcomes ideas for collaborative education, research, and service programs designed to build on UCLA’s success, and increase our capacity for interdisciplinary research, teaching, and learning.