Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Scholarships

In many research fields, interdisciplinary collaboration is becoming increasingly important. Complex questions often require multiple perspectives and skill sets. Outside of academia, many jobs require the same skills as successful interdisciplinary ventures: the ability to analyze problems from different perspectives, to work in a team, to communicate clearly with people from a wide range of backgrounds, and to manage multiple priorities. The earlier students start to hone these abilities in their careers, the more easily many will find it to develop these skills.

To encourage interested students to begin interdisciplinary research as undergraduates, the Office of Interdisciplinary & Cross Campus Affairs is offering research scholarships to UCLA undergraduates whose research crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Successful applicants will receive stipends to work on research under the guidance of two faculty mentors, who must be from separate fields as specified in Mentor Disciplines.

Interdisciplinary Scholarship recipients:

    Receive a $830 scholarship per quarter to conduct research, for up to one academic year of research (for a total of $2,500 for those students conducting research for the full academic year)

    Enroll in a Student Research Program (SRP) 99 course or a 199/198/196 departmental research course for all quarters during which funding is received

    Present their research at Undergraduate Research Week or submit a summary of their research at the end of the quarter


This opportunity is open to all UCLA undergraduates. Preference will be given to students with proposals that include at least one faculty mentor from Arts, the Humanities, or Social Sciences.

In their application, students must include letters of recommendation from their two proposed faculty mentors. Please see Interdisciplinary Fields for further information on faculty mentor requirements.

How to Apply

The online application form is now available on the Application page.

The application deadline for each quarter is due by Friday of Week 2.

For questions or further information during Fall 2018 and Winter 2019, please contact:

Kate McAllister

Administrative & Program Coordinator
Undergraduate Research Center – Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences