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China and India Comparative Entrepreneurship Forum: Global Dynamics of Immigrant Entrepreneurship: Changing Trends, Ethnonational Variations, and Reconceptualizations

Part of the series on Entrepreneurship in a Global Era: Chinese & Indian Immigrants in the US: A collaborative project of the UCLA Asia Pacific Center and the Center for India and South Asia

(No)worries about China: Contemporary Intellectual Trends and Their Social Environment

In 2007, Gloria Davies published a heavy book, entitled Worrying about China: The Language of Chinese Critical Inquiry (Harvard UP). Her analysis traces the “worrying” mentality (youhuan yishi) back to Confucian literati traditions centuries old, but is primarily focused on the twentieth century, especially modern intellectual traditions since the May Fourth period. More than a decade later, do Chinese intellectual discourses still overwhelmingly dwell on “worrying” about China?

Big Languages Aren't (Necessarily) Safe: Shifts in Major Languages in Indonesia

The instatement of Bahasa Indonesia as Indonesia’s national language is widely cited as a successful example of language planning; yet it also has implications for endangerment of local languages. With over 700 local languages, Indonesia is one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world. It is widely acknowledged that “small” languages are at risk of endangerment, but what is the fate of the “big” languages? Ravindranath & Cohn (2014) found that there is not a close correlation between size and risk of endangerment.

The Body as a Means for Political Mobilization: Portrait Photo between Journalism and Propaganda, Minli Pao 's covering of the assassination of Song Jiaoren as Case

Song Jiaoren(Sung Chiao-jen,1882-1913) was a revolutionist and the founder of the Kuomintang(KMT).He was assassinated in March of 1913 in Shanghai after his leading KMT to victory in China’s first democratic election.

This talk will investigate how the members of KMT who owned Minli Pao(民立报)published in Shanghai as both mouthpiece of the revolutionary party and mass media produce and use the images of Song’s corpse for the purpose of mibilizing the mass to.protest the assassination.

This talk will try to explore portrait photo’s function and practice between propaganda and

Marine Conservation Science in the Heart of the Coral Triangle

Western Papua has the highest marine biodiversity on the planet, and supports communities highly dependent on marine resources. The region is Indonesia’s highest priority for marine biodiversity conservation, and boasts tremendous opportunities for effective coral reef and tropical fisheries co-management. I will provide highlights and lessons learned about a large-scale collaboration between local governments, international NGOs, nearby communities, and involved donor foundations, to monitor and safeguard marine resources in Raja Ampat, West Papua.


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