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Marschak Colloquium: Networks, Data, and the Race against Global Pandemics

Infectious diseases pose a dynamic and devastating threat to global health. Over the past three years, Zika has dramatically expanded its global reach; Ebola has ravaged West Africa; a deadly avian influenza has surfaced in Asia; MERS threatens the Middle East; and the persistent scourge of HIV, malaria and tuberculosis have claimed millions of lives.

Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging

The Crump Institute develops innovative technology to decipher the transformations from health to disease at the molecular level. We focus on creating new approaches to observe, measure, and understand molecular processes in cells, tissues and the organ systems throughout the living organism, through molecular diagnostics — measurement of critical biological events within the body by analyzing cells, tissues and blood, and by molecular imaging — taking “pictures” of the living chemistry of cells in the body in health and disease.

Frances Collins, Director, National Institute of Health

Proposal to bring Frances Collins, Director of the NIH, to UCLA to discuss the intersections of faith and science, in particular how his work on the genome project is in concert with his personal religious beliefs. In addition, the proposal plans for Dr. Collins to speak with faculty regarding pedagogy related to issues of religion and science, as well as, hopefully, to discuss the development of interdisciplinary courses.

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