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Kathryn Everly, “Female Militarization and Revolution in Spanish Civil War Photography and Film”

Kathryn Everly is Professor of Spanish Literature and Culture at Syracuse University. She published Catalan Women Writers and Artists: Revisionist Views from a Feminist Space with Bucknell University Press in 2003 and History, Violence, and the Hyperreal: Representing Culture in the Contemporary Spanish Novel with Purdue University Press in 2010.

Re-mapping Rescue Narrative: Spain, the Protectorate, and the Sephardim

This presentation reveals a complex picture of who was responsible when it came to Spain's role in the protection of the Jews in occupied Europe. It addresses the role that Sephardic individuals and communities in the Protectorate played when it came to the protection of Jews and shows how chronicles, memoirs, and literary texts that engage with Sephardic life in Spain and in the Protectorate make it possible to challenge notions of imperial and post-imperial Hispanidad that actually allowed for the heroic rescue narratives to emerge.


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