Human Rights

Public Lecture: Meeting the Challenge of Homelessness

"We call homelessness a crisis in LA because we increasingly see the homeless in our midst everyday. Yet the invisible crisis has been with us for years, affecting even many UCLA students and staff. New LA City and County initiatives promise to meet the challenge of homelessness head-on, but success will depend on the quality of evidence and information informing these investments. UCLA must play a role in this effort, and that begins with learning more about the crisis and the response, and laying out a research agenda.

Yemen's Destruction: A Globalist Artifice

In reports on Yemen’s destruction, there are more references made to a counter-intuitive perspective toward the future of another kind of vision for a post conflict Arabia. This lecture exposes the decline of the larger regime of oil/gas-backed finance, a consequence of the investment finance capital that has been destroying Yemen, and its consequences on how we are expected to think about what comes next.

Water in the Middle East & Africa: A Nexus of Cooperation and Conflict

Water experts from around the world will gather at UCLA to discuss the shared resource challenges facing Africa and the Middle East as well as the cutting-edge policy and technology solutions being used and developed to overcome them.
Complete information on the conference and speakers is available on the conference website

The Lisu: Far from the Ruler

The Lisu: Far from the Ruler brings the ironic worldview of the Lisu to life through vivid, often amusing accounts of individuals, communities, regions, and practices. One of the smallest and last groups of stateless people, and the most egalitarian of all Southeast Asian highland minorities, the Lisu have not only survived extremes at the crossroads of civil wars, the drug trade, and state-sponsored oppression but adapted to modern politics and technology without losing their identity.


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