International Migration

China and India Comparative Entrepreneurship Forum: Global Dynamics of Immigrant Entrepreneurship: Changing Trends, Ethnonational Variations, and Reconceptualizations

Part of the series on Entrepreneurship in a Global Era: Chinese & Indian Immigrants in the US: A collaborative project of the UCLA Asia Pacific Center and the Center for India and South Asia

Indigenous Maya Families from Yucatan in San Francisco: Mobilities and Pedagogies of Diaspora

Patricia Baquedano-López examines the intersection of language, race, and immigration in her research and work in schools. A recent strand of her research focuses on indigenous students from Latin America in U.S. public schools. Her current project is funded by a grant from UC MEXUS-CONACyT (with Adriana Cruz-Manjarrez, University of Colima) and centers on return migration, transnational families, and education in the Maya diaspora Yucatan-California.

Water in the Middle East & Africa: A Nexus of Cooperation and Conflict

Water experts from around the world will gather at UCLA to discuss the shared resource challenges facing Africa and the Middle East as well as the cutting-edge policy and technology solutions being used and developed to overcome them.
Complete information on the conference and speakers is available on the conference website

China and the Global South: The Question of Hegemony

Many see the Chinese economic miracle as an illustration of an alternative model of development to the neoliberal orthodoxy. It is also assumed that China’s increasing economic and political involvement in the Global South, from its Asia neighbors to countries in faraway developing regions, challenge American domination. In this paper, I argue that China’s export-oriented developmental miracle is in fact a constitutive part of the global neoliberal order, and is made possible by unique conditions difficult to be replicated in other places.


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