Socioeconomic Status

"Give Work" book talk with author Leila Janah


Want to end poverty for good? Samasource founder and entrepreneur Leila Janah has the solution—give work, not aid.

“Living-wage digital work targeted to the world’s poorest people is a transformational force for good. Leila’s pioneering work in this realm is as instructive as it is inspiring. An essential read!” — Reid Hoffman, cofounder of LinkedIn; coauthor of The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age

Democratizing Research Access: Overcoming Exclusion from Well-Resourced University Research Libraries

For a growing number of scholars, gaining access to adequate library resources–both books and digital– has become increasingly challenging. The problem of unequal research access is exacerbating larger problems of inequity across academia, by creating barriers for those working outside of large, well-resourced universities. This group includes independent scholars, faculty at under-resourced institutions, and others occupying positions of “career diversity,” a contingent likely to expand in the coming years.

"Trading Barriers: Immigration and the Remaking of Globalization" with author Dr. Margaret Peters

Why have countries increasingly restricted immigration even when they have opened their markets to foreign competition through trade or allowed their firms to move jobs overseas? In Trading Barriers: Immigration and the Remaking of Globalization, Dr. Margaret Peters argues that the increased ability of firms to produce anywhere in the world combined with growing international competition due to lowered trade barriers has led to greater limits on immigration.


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