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Oral Health Innovation Forum

This forum will be the first of its kind: a cross-collaboration of five major UCLA departments (Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Public Health and Public Affairs) to discuss and find feasible solutions for oral health policy changes (with a focus on Early Childhood Caries) through a lens of "Equity and Social Justice". This is a pioneering event for systems-wide change in both the delivery of oral health care policy and primary health.

Public Lecture: Meeting the Challenge of Homelessness

"We call homelessness a crisis in LA because we increasingly see the homeless in our midst everyday. Yet the invisible crisis has been with us for years, affecting even many UCLA students and staff. New LA City and County initiatives promise to meet the challenge of homelessness head-on, but success will depend on the quality of evidence and information informing these investments. UCLA must play a role in this effort, and that begins with learning more about the crisis and the response, and laying out a research agenda.

Conference: Transdisciplinary Homelessness Research: Measure H and Beyond

"The week will culminate with an academic mini-conference featuring UCLA homelessness researchers and colleagues from across the region. The conference is designed to foster transdisciplinary discussion and multiple viewpoints of single issues. As rapporteur, Culhane will help identify potential linkages, research opportunities, and data sources that may otherwise have been missed.

Seminar: The Promise of Integrated Data Systems for Social Science Research

"Integrated Data Systems (IDS) linking administrative, public agency data hold great promise for rapid and low-cost implementation and evaluation of homeless initiatives. Culhane will review the legal, ethical, scientific and economic challenges of interagency data sharing, as well as systematic efforts including policy reform and inter-agency collaboration to overcome these challenges. Finally, he will review important new IDS initiatives in LA County and California."

Roundtable: Homeless Research Agenda in L.A. and Beyond

"For students, faculty, researchers and others interested in having a direct impact on homelessness, this Roundtable will describe current City and County research priorities and unmet needs, and will highlight areas for UCLA contribution. Funding approved in 2016-17 through Measures H/HHH will generate unprecedented resources and demand extraordinary input, yet there is need for research, evidence and data to guide decision making. The Los Angeles Homeless Initiative has established a Homeless Policy Research Institute, along with new research priorities and funding mechanisms.

Public Lecture: Meeting the Challenge of Homelessness

"Ending homelessness and serving the needs of our most vulnerable individuals and families is possible, but it requires sustained efforts in homeless services, emergency and permanent rehousing and prevention. Culhane will kick off the week by reviewing the situation nationally, including progress and continued challenges. He will also describe the special challenges for cities like LA where a many homeless are unsheltered."

EHS & The Molecular Toxicology IDP Present: Applied Risk Assessment: Integrating the Principles of Toxicology and Exposure Science

Center for Occupational and Environmental Health & Environmental Health Sciences 411 Seminar - EHS & The Molecular Toxicology IDP Present: Applied Risk Assessment: Integrating the Principles of Toxicology and Exposure Science


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