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Korean Music and Beyond: A Concert by gamin

A true pioneer of Korean wind instruments, gamin is one of the most celebrated piri (small double reed instrument), taepyeongso (Korean traditional oboe) and saengwhang (ancient wind-blow instrument) performers in Korea today. A member of Seoul’s Contemporary Gugak Orchestra for 10 years, she trained in jeongak, the classical court music, and also studied the techniques of sinawi, the shaman ritual music. Her expansive musical knowledge enables her to draw upon her classical training while specializing in contemporary music and improvisation.

Persian & Greek Participation in the Making of the First Empire in China

Terra-cotta warriors, high-profile buildings beneath tomb mounds, and bronze chariots, horses, and water fowl are among the iconic artifacts and images associated with China’s first imperial dynasty, the Qin (221–206 BCE). Distinguished archaeologist Duan Qingbo, from Northwest University's School of Cultural Heritage in Xi’an, China, shares new research suggesting that the roots of Qin culture may not be solely indigenous Chinese.

UCLA Digital Archiving Speaker Series, "Legal and Ethical Issues"

The UCLA Digital Archiving Collective invites faculty, students, staff, and members of the general public to join us for Session Four of the 2017-18 UCLA Visiting Speaker Series, which will be held on Friday, April 6, 2018 from 1-4 PM in the Jan Popper Theater (Schoenberg Music Building).


Jan Popper Theater
United States


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