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Coup, Emergency and Constitutional Referendum: The Rule of Law Under Pressure in Turkey

In Turkey, the State of Emergency declared following the attempt of Coup d’Etat of July 2016 is still reigning. The constitutional amendment which were accepted by the Referendum of April 2017 and which has shifted the government from a parliamentary to a presidential system has been made under the conditions of this emergency. The real aim of the amendment seems to fortify President Erdogan’s capacity to govern the country solitarily in a case where his party cannot reach the majority in Parliament in the next elections.

Between Equal Citizenship and the Promise of Redemption: Iranian Jewish Identity at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Early in the twentieth century, Iranian-Jewish communities experienced two different pressures from two different developments, each pulling them in another direction. First came the Constitutional Revolution in Iran (1906-911), which promised equal citizenship, and then the Balfour Declaration (1917) and the emergence of Zionism, which stirred thoughts of redemption in the holy land.

10 Big Questions

"10 Big Questions" is both an upper division undergraduate course open to all students and a series of public conversations available to the broader community. Each class will be organized around a single question designed to elicit interdisciplinary discussion amongst a panel of UCLA scholars, artists, scientists and researchers. It seeks to foster groundbreaking connections between the arts and other disciplines.

The Past and Future of Human Rights: Recognizing and Preventing Genocide

The UCLA Luskin Center for History and Policy and the Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA School of Law will convene an interdisciplinary workshop on April 11, 2018, entitled "The Past and Future of Human Rights: Recognizing and Preventing Genocide." The workshop will bring together scholars from UCLA and other institutions, along with a select number of human rights activists and practitioners to encourage and facilitate discussion between those thinking about genocide prevention and accountability from different perspectives.

Women's Health and Gender Differences Cross-Campus Symposium Series

A new symposium series to engage cross-campus collaboration at UCLA in the area of women's health scholarship and research, in particular connecting the College and the Health Sciences to solve complex problems involving women's health and wellness. This series includes both trainees and faculty and is the result of a previous strategic planning conference to promote "North and South" collaboration to improve women's health. Faculty of all disciplines can present their work-in-progress.

Understanding the New Middle East

This award contributes funding towards a symposium on Understanding the New Middle East, organized by the Center for Near Eastern Studies and faculty from the Departments of History, Sociology and Anthropology. This conference will bring together academics, commentators, and other experts to explore the roots and nature of the current crises in the Middle East and to plot the region’s future trajectory.

Bioethics Symposia Series

This award funds a proposal for a symposia series to collaboratively engage students and faculty from the schools of law, medicine, and nursing, clinicians in the hospital, and other interested faculty, students, and community members in a series of three symposia on critical issues of bioethics. Topics to include medical care decisions at the end of life, informed consent, and health care rationing.


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