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Directed by Tatiana Huezo

A poignant doc by celebrated filmmaker Tatiana Huezo. Tempest narrates the parallel journey of two women. Mirror-like, it reflects the impact of violence and impunity that afflict Mexico. Through their voices, we are drawn into the heart of their feelings, steeped in loss and pain, but also love, dignity, and resistance.

105 min | Spanish with English Subtitles

First come, first served. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.

UCLA Digital Archiving Speaker Series, "Legal and Ethical Issues"

The UCLA Digital Archiving Collective invites faculty, students, staff, and members of the general public to join us for Session Four of the 2017-18 UCLA Visiting Speaker Series, which will be held on Friday, April 6, 2018 from 1-4 PM in the Jan Popper Theater (Schoenberg Music Building).


Jan Popper Theater
United States

Women's Health and Gender Differences Cross-Campus Symposium Series

A new symposium series to engage cross-campus collaboration at UCLA in the area of women's health scholarship and research, in particular connecting the College and the Health Sciences to solve complex problems involving women's health and wellness. This series includes both trainees and faculty and is the result of a previous strategic planning conference to promote "North and South" collaboration to improve women's health. Faculty of all disciplines can present their work-in-progress.


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